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[INFO]How to report a player

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1 [INFO]How to report a player on Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:35 am


How to create a ban appeal

This is an exaple for how to get unbanned but remember this rules

1- Don't lie in your ban appeal

2-Post only one ban appeal

3-Spamming and lying won't make unbanned

4-if you ban evade you will recive a pernament ban .

Example :

Acount name : Ryzer

admin who issued the ban : EvooX

cause of the ban : Airbrake

date : 29/07/2015

Mode : DM

Screenshot : sorry i forgot to take one

Explanation : i didnt hack just i was lagging it was a bug i am sorry admins it was a wrong ban unban me please

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